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Harmony of Heritage and Modernity

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Welcome to the El Maghawry Group, the distinguished home of Biopoint hair care revitalization. Our essence lies in harmonizing the enduring charm of natural elements with contemporary scientific innovation. Committed to offering refined and genuinely traditional hair care solutions, we invite you to experience the sophistication and authenticity at the core of our products.

Hair Essentials

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Deep Nourishment

Growth Acceleration

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Volume Preservation

Lasting Straightness

Unlock your Hair’s True Potential

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Biopoint products Elmaghawry cosmetics

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Organic Ingredients

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Olive oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil enriches Biopoint's hair care range, offering deep hydration and a natural shine that revitalizes from root to tip.

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Coconut Oil

A staple in Biopoint's hair care range, nourishes and moisturizes, penetrating deep to repair hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and resilient.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Integral to Biopoint's formulas, provides antioxidant protection and enhances hair's natural health and shine.

Cananga oil

Cananga Oil

Cananga oil, from the Cananga odorata flowers, balances sebum, soothes skin, and promotes hair health with its moisturizing properties and relaxing fragrance.

sweet almound oil

Sweet Almond Oil

A key ingredient in Biopoint's formula, it deeply conditions and strengthens, infusing each hair strand with unparalleled softness and vitality, enhancing overall health.

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It enhances hair care with its antioxidants and vitamins, protecting against damage, promoting growth, and enhancing shine for healthier, more vibrant hair.

What's Next at El Maghawry Care for Cosmetics

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El Maghawry’s “Yasmina and Lamsa” collection redefines elegance with its innovative and sophisticated Cosmetics  line, promising high-quality, eco-friendly beauty solutions for the modern consumer.

Stay Tuned:Revolutionize Your Beauty Regimen

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Discover beauty that speaks to your roots and future. Embrace the El Maghawry journey, where every strand tells a story.

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