About Us

Welcome to El Maghawry Group, the proud revitalizer of Biopoint hair care products. Born from a passion for blending the timeless allure of nature with the precision of modern science, we are dedicated to bringing you hair care solutions that are both sophisticated and authentically rooted in tradition

Our Promise

We are committed to authenticity, sophistication, and sustainability. By choosing Biopoint, you are not just selecting a hair care product; you are embracing a philosophy that values the beauty of nature, the promise of science, and the spirit of innovation.

Our vision

Reviving the legendary Biopoint brand, infusing every product with the perfect balance of nature and innovation. We believe in the power of tradition to enrich the present, crafting hair care products that offer elegance, effectiveness, and environmental consciousness.

Join Us To redefine your hair beauty

Discovering the Biopoint difference for yourself. Explore our range of products and become part of the El Maghawry family today.