Repair & Beauty Shampoo

Its rich and creamy texture gently cleanses the hair without disturbing its
balance or causing dryness. It restores the hair from the inside and
strengthens it. The capillary fibers are structured, the hair is strengthened and
nourished, and its radiance is restored.

Repair & Beauty Mask

Completes the hair nourishment and restoration program, as it gives the hair
what it lacks in extreme care, facilitating combing and making it feel like silk,
amazingly soft.

Repair & Beauty Oil

Wonderful magic oil formulant has a compensatory and preventive effect. The
hair gives the final touch, so you get healthy hair that is clearly nourished,
shiny and repaired.
The oil is suitable for all hair types, can be used in all of the following cases:
• Before washing the hair put a few drops in your hand, then distribute ti along
the hair shaft and ends and leave for a few minutes before using shampoo.
• After washing the hair dry it with a towel distribute a few drops on the hair
shaft and ends, then style the hair as usual.
• On dry hair, for a final touch of beauty and shine. Apply a few drops to hair
after blow-drying, styling, or between shampoos. It helps protect the hair from
moisture, maintain the hairstyle, and give it a new health.
Do you need to regain vitality of your tired hair?
Then we advise you to use the Biopoint Repair & Beauty hair product range.
It is based on the new Biopoint technology, which contains 5 follicle important
cosmetic ingredients which help you to obtain high professional is mat
home without the need to go to Hair Treatment parlors

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