If you want your hair to grow fast, healthy and strong, the solution is Biopoint Speedy Hair
Biopoint Laboratories in cooperation with Italian university laboratories, designed the
Biopoint Speedy Hair Line formula and conducted field and laboratory experiments to
prove its effectiveness.
It is an integrated program consisting of 3 products:
How to fully benefit from the program
• Use Speedy Hair shampoo to purify the hair, prepare the scalp to receive the
required stimulation.
• After rinsing the shampoo, a little mask is applied to the hair to treat
its ends, strengthen it, and stimulate the hair roots and scalp to receive the
hair growth stimulants found in the spray.
• Dry the hair lightly with a towel, then apply 10-15 pumps of the
• spray on the hair roots and scalp, massaging in a circular manner to
help the penetration of the active ingredients into the hair roots, which creates
the appropriate environment for the hair to make the most of the stimulants to
increase hair length.
• It has actually been proven that when using the Biopoint Speedy
Hair Line program regularly for 28 days, it lengthens the hair 2.8 cm more than

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